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tv   Today  NBC  January 31, 2014 2:05am-3:01am PST

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from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody. you have made it to thirsty thursday. a little bit warmer here. january 30th in new york city. we're glad you're with us. >> fran drescher is in the house with us. >> and billy bush. >> billy bush is here with the big game buzz. he's been in new york all week. >> well, he's from this area, so he loves to come on home and stir up trouble everywhere he can. >> my mom approached him and
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said, "i always hoped i would meet you." billy bush. >> i know. and we have a sleep expert here. no matter how many sleep experts we have on, nobody is still getting a good night's sleep. tomorrow our moms are going to cook for you. >> what is your mom going to make? >> her spaghetti sauce, which is my favorite spaghetti sauce in the world. what's your mom going to make? >> my mom is going to make stuffed peppers but joanie and sameha rode together on the train. >> i wish there had been a camera going. >> i know. >> they are so cute together. so it's national croissant day. that means it's the one day of the entire year you're allowed to eat croissants with no guilt. >> we have a whole table full of them. so if you'd like to enjoy -- i like the chocolate. >> of course you do. i'll just go with the plain, have a little, little bit. >> so miley was on tv. >> the girl never takes a night off. >> and this is one of those mtv "unplugged" things which is supposed to show you -- i don't want to say stripped down, but just being authentic and singing yourself. >> acoustic. it's supposed to be acoustic, i thought. >> miley did her thing. she's very talented, a talented singer.
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this is how she came out. there was a horse and twerking. >> of course. let's get a little of that going. >> it's a fake horse. so let's not get crazy. then she and madonna did a mashup. madonna's "don't tell me" and miley's "we can't stop." so let's take a look at that. ♪ let it fall by the way ♪ but don't ♪ we can't stop ♪ tell me ♪ we won't stop ♪ don't you ever ♪ please don't ♪ and we won't stop ♪ can't you see it's we who own the night ♪ ♪ can't you see it's we who stop the light ♪ >> interesting duo. interesting duet. i don't think it was that salacious. i think the horse beats that.
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that's just me. anytime there's a bestiality element to things it sort of beats that to me. >> madonna's always sort of next to the one. remember when she kissed britney that time and always seems like she's next to the one that is either controversial or hot or up and coming, madonna is near. >> you have to live with always having to one-up yourself all the time. i don't think sara bareilles feels that way every time she gets up and sits at the piano. >> she just -- >> or carole king. show up and do your thing. >> do your thing. when you see a child misbehaving in public, beyond a certain level, do you say something or do you not say something? this is what happened. there was this art gallery in london called the tate. this is a sculpture, sometimes hard to tell which is sculpture and which aren't. multimillion-dollar sculpture in the tate. these parents, their kid was in the sculpture hanging out. and i guess the parents were encouraging the child to enjoy
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it and have fun. so this woman snapped a picture of it. >> she took umbrage, the lady taking the picture. >> she was not happy. she tweeted, "horrible kids, horrible parents." >> then she confronted the parents. and she found a security guard who said that they were very grateful for bringing it to their attention. this is a child who was very active. somebody said -- see the other little kid behind the other gentleman? the man there? they were encouraging that kid to climb on it too. >> well, here's the thing. the parents said clearly -- i mean, when the woman approached them they said something like well, you don't understand children clearly. that was their reaction. instead of saying, oh, wow, maybe our kid shouldn't be -- >> that's true if you're on a playground and a child is climbing on something made to be played on. these are works of art that are very costly and you pay to come in to usually the museum, and it's an unspoken -- or maybe it even says in some places please do not touch the art. it's not interactive art.
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it's to be looked at and appreciated or to say gee, that just looks like a bunch of boxes, like i would say. >> right. >> i would find no artistic value in that at all. >> maybe they didn't know it was art. that could be. >> they're in an art museum. >> but sometimes -- >> if it doesn't lead to the next story in the place, it's not the stairs. it's art. >> there was a statement from the museum that says "tate welcomes families to awful its galleries. on sunday a child lay in the bottom part of the donald judd sculpture untitled 1980. the situation was dealt with immediately." >> so we want to know, did the woman do the wrong thing by twittering -- tweeting and -- >> or -- >> and confronting the parents. >> would you have said something? >> is there a nice way to say it or -- >> what would you have said if you saw the kid climbing on the sculpture? >> on that one, i'm not sure. if i saw them really trying to harm it, i would say hey, you know, they don't want our children -- i would try to be nice about it. >> our children. that's good. >> but at the same time i'm so tired of runaway renegade kids
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who control the world, you know, who just think it's okay to throw meatballs at people in restaurants. >> right. >> it's out of control. and so we'd love to know what you all think. >> we told you what to think. >> what do you think? >> i agree with that. when kids are out of control, i don't know i would say something, which is one of my issues in life. i need to speak up more, clearly. >> the only time you speak up is in road rage when you're driving a car. you feel like -- >> when i'm alone. i don't mind yelling. but sometimes someone does push me and then i'm like mt. etna. i'm totally calm and then it's over. >> it is over. by the way, do not miss our brilliant, in quotes, column in "the daily news" today, everyone. >> here's the question that men were asked. do you know how much a bra costs? we found -- this was done by our friends at buzzfeed. and so they handed a group of men some various female products and they asked them if they knew what they cost. let's take a look. >> this is a bra.
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it bends and twists. i don't know if that's a normal feature. i should know. >> probably have to buy about what, two of these a month? i don't know how often these are destroyed. >> never thought about how much a bra costs before. >> an everyday bra i'm going to say costs $10. >> $10. >> i was wondering if bras get more expensive the bigger they get, but the medium and extra large shirts are generally the same price, right? >> i bet you they were -- and $30 seems -- >> that's very inexpensive compared to the ones we -- yeah, yeah, yeah. >> we have exclusive video to share with you. >> yeah? >> we like to break news on our show. >> all right. >> if you haven't heard, shakira and usher are going back to the "voice." they are replacing christina and cee lo. it sounds like they're doing a back and forth. >> right. >> and she also has a single coming out with rihanna called "can't remember to forget you." >> oh. >> sounds good.
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good title. >> i hope you like this as much as i do and as much as rihanna does, and i hope to see you soon. ♪ ♪ can't remember to forget you ♪ ♪ oh, oh, oh ♪ i keep forgetting to let you go ♪ ♪ when you look at me the only memory ♪ ♪ is kissing in the moonlight ♪ oh, oh, oh >> i can't remember to forget you. ♪ i can't remember to forget you ♪ it's a very sensual video. >> yes. that's the way i feel about you on weekends, hodi, when i don't see you anymore. i'm going to gyrate like that and put on that $27.90 bra and i'm just going to -- ♪ can't remember to forget you >> you can catch the whole video when it debuts tonight in a 30-minute shakira special on e!. >> love her, though. she's great. >> she is precious. >> season six of "the voice"
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starts february 24th. >> speaking of music, you're going to like this song. this is by pharrell. now if you didn't know, now you know. >> the hat. >> there is a song that instantly puts you in a good mood. >> not everybody. >> i bet it will. it's called "happy" because it makes you happy. and i just did the chorus so it doesn't bore you. ♪ because i'm happy ♪ clap along if you feel like a room without a roof ♪ ♪ because i'm happy ♪ clap along if you feel that happiness is the truth ♪ ♪ because i'm happy ♪ clap along if you >> sounds like a little earth, wind and fire-ish, which i like. because he's actually singing. ♪ i like that stuff. >> you like the what what? >> i don't like the what what. this is an actual song. so i'm going to give it a b. >> a b? okay. it will make you happy, download it. all right. is it okay or not okay to drop the f bomb? >> oh, dear.
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>> here's what we had to say. >> you know, hoda, i prefer what the ship sshitake because mushrooms don't hurt anybody, you know? >> it seems to be happening so often, it is almost a yawn. but i say much, much better to avoid obviously. >> really? >> you use it all the time. >> only every now and then. >> all righty then. >> all right, the action will be on the field this sunday. but the pregame festivities are already getting under way. >> billy bush has the big game buzz. plus emmy-winning actress fran drescher, she's getting us invited to a different kind of ball. she's in our studios and she coming to broadway. >> but first, these messages. but we can only afford one trip this year, and his high school reunion is coming up in seattle. everyone's going. then we heard about hotwire... and realized we could actually afford to take both trips.
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♪ [ male announcer ] bob's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack, be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. you're not doing anythingttack, as fast as you used to,r doctor which is funny, 'cause i still do it better than her. you know, i don't think i was meant to sweep. it's a little frustrating. look. [ zach ] i can't help out as much as i used to. do you need help? [ doorbell rings ] let's open it up. it's a swiffer sweeper. it's a swiffer dusters. it can extend so i don't have to get on the step stool. i don't know how it stays on there. it's like a dirt magnet -- just like my kids. [ afi ] this is a danger zone. that is crazy. ah-ha-ha! [ zach ] yeah. no, this definitely beats hanging out on a step ladder. what's up, baby? 20 years ago she created one of the most memorable and hilarious characters in television history when she played the loudmouth girl from queens on the hit sitcom "the
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nanny." it was a role that earned her two emmy awards and two golden globe nominations. >> now she's turned that famous funny laugh into an evil one in her broadway debut playing cinderella's stepmother in rodgers & hammerstein's "cinderella." fran drescher. >> thank you. i'm thrilled to be here. >> you look beautiful. >> thank you. >> you do. >> so do you. i appreciate that. >> the hard work isn't taking a toll on you. these hours must be crazy for this broadway show. >> well, we're in rehearsal now. and i open on tuesday along with carly rae jepsen, february 4th. so that will be exciting. and it is eight shows a week. but -- oh, look, yes. that was at a rehearsal. they have me in a -- like a just a rehearsal skirt so i get used to walking in a big hoop skirt around the set. >> the costumes are spectacular. >> and i have to wear the shoes i'm wearing and they're designing new ones for me because i'm reinterpreting my character to be, you know, kind of like the woman that you love
2:19 am
to hate, very glamorous, and very wicked. >> like cruella deville. >> exactly. >> i think even if you've seen it, you haven't seen me do it. you should come back. >> haven't seen carly rae jepsen. >> and her debut as well. >> a big pop princess. and does a wonderful job. i'm really excited that we're going to be premiering together and making our broadway debut together. >> that's fantastic. >> you said it takes you a little out of your comfort zone being on stage. >> right. >> well, you know, first of all, it's flying without a net. there's no take two. and also, you know, i mean, singing and dancing, that's not really what i'm known for. and so i feel like, you know, i was very lucky when they offered me this part. i did not have a shooting schedule, which is rare in what has really kept me from doing more theater. i'm usually shooting. so i thought this is a wonderful
2:20 am
opportunity to kind of push the envelope a little and move into territory that is not what everyone is used to seeing me do, and that i can do, you know, walking backwards and forwards. i really have to think about this. i have to walk and talk and move and sing and dance and work -- >> the lyrics? >> exactly. >> is the singing difficult for you? you know the score, though. >> we grew up with it. ♪ in our own little corner in our own little room ♪ ♪ i can be whatever i want to be ♪ >> that's not even my song. >> yours is fiddle dee dee and -- >> my big number is "a lovely night." but, you know, which i do with cinderella and the -- my two daughters, cinderella's stepsisters. >> do you have nerves when opening night happens? >> i'm going to be very, you know, butterflies in the stomach and stuff. once i do it once -- and that's true with all theater. i've done quite a bit of theater
2:21 am
in new york, but it's always been off broadway. but even then, you know, until i get out there, i just want to make -- if i could just get through the first speech, then i know i'm okay, i'm in it. >> and you know who's helping her? we've got to go. it's so fascinating. her ex-husband is her biggest supporter. >> yes, peter. >> her gay ex-husband loves theater and has been helping you every step along the way. >> do we have time for the game? >> yes. >> a happy divorce. >> do we have time for the game? >> no. >> we were going to play a game and win slippers. >> i'll come back. >> okay. >> all the best. >> and you know, we are -- look on because we're going to have a special auction so you can come see me in the show and support cancer schmancer. >> and she's 14 years cancer-free. >> thank you. >> thank you, fran. if you think getting a good night's sleep is a fairy tale, we'll uncover some tips to help you. these two ladies will feel like princesses after they see their "ambush makeovers." >> the bush man, billy bush, has the big game buzz.
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the party at your house may not kick off until sunday but the pregame fun here has already begun. >> besides the athletes, everyone from a-list hollywood celebrities to music's biggest stars are in town for a piece of the action. and "access hollywood's" -- >> billy bush! >> has a front row seat, of course, and a behind-the-scenes access of course. >> billy, we miss you. >> you have access, get it? >> i do. i'm going to the game. >> you are? >> i'm going to the game. i'm excited about the game. are you excited about the game? are you watching the game? >> very excited. i'm going to kathie's house. >> and regis. >> you watch the game or go and have a cocktail and chitchat and all that? >> i like to watch. >> i get in. >> what are you feeling about this game? are you feeling anything? are you feeling a gravitation toward peyton manning because of the great career? >> she is. >> i do love peyton. i do love peyton. he's a new orleanian. >> yes. >> what do you think about the quarterback matchup? you tell us because we don't
2:27 am
know. >> i love that guy. he's a statesman. that guy can be anything. he can be a head coach when he's done. he's had the best season of any nfl quarterback at any time. at his age. i think he's 38 right now. to win, drop the mike and walk off and retire would be a huge thing. he may come back. he's one of those guys i don't think can stop. the other guy is russell wilson. only played two years. >> people love him. >> he's got great charisma, that guy. >> major difference, he's 5'11" and peyton is 6'5". this guy makes up for it, though, with the wheels. >> everyone kept saying it's going to be freezing, freezing, freezing. and now al roker announces that it's not going to be freezing. >> it's going to be balmy. >> are you kidding? >> after the winter we've had that is balmy. >> it is going to be fantastic. 40 degrees is nothing. >> no rain, no snow, nothing. >> no rain, no snow. i went to the rangers hockey game last night, outside at yankee stadium. rangers versus islanders outdoors. yankee stadium. freezing. >> but everybody there, right? packed stadium. >> everybody there. and yet the brotherly love, the warmth of men huddling together. >> is that what it was?
2:28 am
>> yes. you could feel it over beers and just in the elements. then i realized green bay packer fans are looking at us going -- you wimps. >> stop whining. >> are you going to be out in the elements watching the game or are you going to be cozied up somewhere? >> don't put me on the spot. i know where a box is if i need to get in. right now i'm sitting outside, 40 degrees, that's nothing. >> by game night, yeah. >> are you guys going to hit any of the parties? are you going to move around this weekend or -- >> frank and i learned many, many years ago that if he wasn't calling the game and i wasn't performing at it, stay home. >> you might be better off. >> what about now the halftime show? people are talking about bruno mars, right? >> and the red hot chili pepper people. >> they added the red hot -- >> what do you think about that, the addition? >> i think the addition is a good addition. i think bruno is very popular with women and guys like him too, but not -- he doesn't have a great -- he hasn't been around a long time. >> he's a newcomer. >> so you add a little red hot chili peppers and you get some
2:29 am
classic rock something, guy over 30 action there. >> the guy from the red hot chili peppers is threatening some sort of a wardrobe malfunction. >> has he been outside recently? >> tweeting some questions to the audience. >> would you like to see something? >> a revelation. >> he's offering people -- because it is ten years. it's the ten-year anniversary of the janet jackson -- >> no, it's not. >> -- wardrobe malfunction. maybe he's trying to honor it that way. hopefully not. that's a chili pepper we don't want to see. >> it's not usually the people who do the misbehaving, it's the network. >> exactly. that has to pay. >> you'll be out and about doing things. there are a lot of bands performing around. are you checking some of them out? >> hoda, i'm very excited. i love -- you love music. i'm a zac brown fan. you like zac brown? >> yes. >> we love zac brown. he's awesome. >> hoda, this is when you leave kathie's house. you go -- or you show up sunday, but saturday night, there's a bud light ship, the intrepid, pier 88, zac brown and dave grohl with the foo fighters,
2:30 am
together on that -- it's going to be amazing. you're going. >> is doris day there too? >> doris is the opening. >> if doris day is there, i'm there. >> you know who we have today? >> we're very privileged to have the president of the seahawks' wife is here in our studio with presents. >> thank you very much. >> you know what that's for? >> wait a minute, you're denver, you can't both wear that. >> well, you know what? kelly brought it for us, so we're going to have to -- >> kelly, thank you very much. >> all right. we're going to give you some sleep advice. thank you, bush man. love you.
2:31 am
2:32 am
oh! we're back with more of "today" on this thirsty thursday. if you'd do anything to get a good night's sleep, then get comfortable because we're going to tell you how to make that happen. >> robert oexman is the director of the sleep to live institute in joplin, missouri, and he's here to answer your questions. all the ones you sent to us for a perfect night's sleep. >> hello. >> good morning. >> let's get cozy. >> we're supposed to feel all the fabrics and stuff. >> yes. it feels nice. >> it feels like the fabric of
2:33 am
our life. >> yes. >> so one of the things i think people think of is when you don't get enough sleep during the week, you think on the weekends i can make up for it. is that part of the deal? >> you know what? actually you do. you're going to be tired on the weekends. you're going to probably sleep more. but the problem is you don't take into consequences of what happens the next day. if you get one hour of sleep in one night, you can show signs of aging. we see increased levels of inflammation and increased level of heart attack by losing one night of sleep. >> i should be dead. many of us never get that kind of sleep and haven't for years and years and years, why are we functioning at least at half level? >> well, that's a problem. your function may be at half level, where if you were sleeping more, sleeping that seven, eight, nine hours of sleep you'd be functioning at a higher level. we know that. research after research shows that. >> some people take an aid to help them sleep. i heard it is better to take the sleep aid and sleep than to not take it and not sleep. >> unfortunately, the research n.i.h. showed we only did about
2:34 am
11 minutes extra sleep when we take a lot of those sleep aids, especially prescription sleep aids. unfortunately, there are some consequence as sovieted with that. short-term use, they're wonderful to do. long-term, not such a great idea. there is cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia that works better than sleeping medications at allowing you to get a better night of sleep. >> you say avoid any kind of stimulant or depressant after 7:00 at night. >> actually, yes. a lot of people -- >> go to bed at 8:30. >> a lot of people do use alcohol in order to help them fall asleep. it will make you fall asleep quicker, but unfortunately there is kind of a rebound effect with alcohol and you wake up a lot more at night, even if you don't remember those awakenings, you do have fragmented sleep with alcohol. >> what about tv, a lot of people have the tv on while they're crashing? >> unfortunately, a lot of men like to use television and their partner, if it's a female, has to kind of suffer through that as well. it decreases the amount of melatonin we produce at night. for women when we have a decreased melatonin, decreased amount of sleep, we have a higher risk of breast cancer. for men it's actually a higher
2:35 am
risk of prostate cancer. shut the television off and get that out of the bedroom. >> you're a lovely man, but unbelievably depressed. >> what kind of mattress, pillows and stuff are the best for a good night's sleep? >> it's all about support. whether it's a foam mattress, memory foam, latex or an inner spring mattress, that really isn't what matters. that is preferential. we did research with a couple doctors at duke that show small levels of support change are going to impact how you sleep and the pain you have the next day. >> all kinds of beds now that one partner can have it one way and the other person can have it the other way. which is great. that never existed before. >> exactly. that is a good idea. if you can do that and have a different surface, you get the support you need. and that's a wonderful idea. >> and real quick, we have a couple of questions, but here's one short one we can put in. corline says she h trouble sleeping because her mind is too busy to rest. i think a lot of people have that. >> we do. we're actually kind of working all the way up until the time we go to bed, we're watching television, on the computer, we're on facebook, we're doing a lot of technology. right up until the time to go to bed. we shut it off and expect our mind to shut off.
2:36 am
it doesn't work that way. prepare for bed. get in a dark environment, do some stretching, do some medication, and that's going to help you fall asleep. >> get down on your knees like this, hodi. >> my knees hurt. i can't do it. >> and say a little good night prayer with me. >> i can't get down on my knees. >> good night, everybody. god bless you. >> and it does work, you're welcome. thanks, you guys. >> okay. when it comes to your diet, don't drop the ball this sunday. madelyn is here. >> yes, she is. she'll challenge people from our plaza to make good choices. >> and time for the big reveal, two ladies show off their gorgeous new looks. >> "ambush makeovers" after this. [ male announcer ] new vicks dayquil severe. helps relieve your ugliest, nastiest, roughest, toughest cold symptoms. new dayquil severe. with maximum symptom fighting ingredients. ♪ new vicks nyquil severe. helps relieve your ugliest, nastiest, roughest, toughest nighttime cold symptoms. new nyquil severe. with maximum symptom fighting ingredients.
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♪ plays a key role throughout our lives. one a day men's 50+ is a complete multivitamin designed for men's health concerns as we age. with 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day men's 50+.
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time to reveal our plaza "ambush makeovers." two lucky ladies were plucked from our crowd and given a head to toe new look. >> as always, "today" contributor and stylist to the stars -- ♪ louis licari, la, la, la, la, la ♪ >> and "today" contributor and contributing editor for "people
2:41 am
style watch" and author -- >> yes, ms. jill martin. have spun their magic. >> you guys match. >> we woke up today and said, what are we wearing? >> first thing, jill, come on, let's get it together. >> what was it like out there? >> it's still cold. a little bit milder. so at least we got to see people without their hoods on. >> these two -- >> we picked the two of them. >> ellen is the first lucky one. she's 52 years old from new york. she told us she's never trusted a stylist enough to find what works for her, so she's nervous but she's excited to put herself in louis's hands. let's take a listen. >> i love this. we have college roomies. so you say that ellen looks the same as she did in college. >> oh, yes. still frumpy. we met in '79 and we've been friends ever since, but we don't see each other. i'm in florida. she's up here in new york. >> still frumpy as ever. what do you think about that? >> surprising but probably true. >> okay. so we're going to give her a whole new look. >> yes.
2:42 am
that is going to be great. can i do it too? >> yeah, you're next. >> all right! >> we got a two-fer. >> they've had fun through the years. you can tell. >> yes, they have. >> okay. so here is ellen's before picture. all right. again, her friend suzanne will react. but she's the next one. come on out. let's see the new you. >> wow. >> all right, ellen, are you ready to see yourself? >> yes. >> okay, spin right around, right here. >> oh, wow. >> wow. >> you're a redhead. >> i love it. >> you look great. >> i bet your friend is going to freak out, don't you think? why don't you look right there. and louis, tell us about the hair. >> okay, ellen's hair was strawberry before. i said why not go -- push it a little bit. still wanted to keep it in the golden undertone family to keep it looking natural. ellen asked me an important question. she said is it -- is age appropriate hair, is my hair too long? you can wear your hair any
2:43 am
length, as long as it is shaped around your face so it doesn't drag your face down. haircut by igor. makeup by inna. >> igor. >> isn't it great? >> they weren't wearing jackets so anything was a step up with all those layers on. this is -- >> and sweatshirts. >> nue. renew by shawnee. >> so pretty. >> that inner undergarment thing that just really -- >> like it. va va voom. ellen, we're going to ask you to stand there and face the wall because we don't want you to see your friend. and -- >> your friend, is, as you know, suzanne coverly, 52 from florida. she's too busy taking care of others to focus on herself. so her friend ellen wanted someone to take care of her for a change. let's listen to her story. >> well, ellen, now it is your turn to throw her under the bus. why do you want this for suzanne? >> because she's worked really hard and she has two children. she just started a brand new job. and it's a great time for us to have a new look. >> now you feel bad calling her frumpy, huh?
2:44 am
>> yeah, kind of. that's okay. but she's still frumpy. >> all right. here we go. >> her friend is waiting to see and we're going to take one last look at suzanne before and bring out the new suzanne coverley. >> okay. are you ready to see? okay. ellen, turn around, baby. >> you want to see yourself, i bet, suzanne? >> i would. >> turn around, sweetheart. >> oh, my god. i'm different. >> you two better not go out on this town, if you know what i'm saying. it's not safe out there for women like you. >> stand with your friend. >> all right, louis, tell us about it. >> with suzanne she kept making her hair lighter and lighter and we wanted to add contrast to her skin. so i made her hair this very soft brown. and what i did is i gave her the option to -- could wear it back to blonde by using a
2:45 am
semipermanent color. this, by the way, was featured in -- i did a story in the new "vogue" talking about monochromatic color, which is right on trend. igor again did the haircut, took it off, made it more appropriate for her texture, and she looks fabulous. >> yeah, they both look fantastic. jill, what about the outfit? she's wearing leather. >> she didn't have a jacket, so we brought that. isn't it great? like butter. and then the jeans are nydj because you need a great pair of jeans, of course. >> great job, both of you. thank you. thank you, louis. thank you, jill. >> these ladies weren't the only ones brought in from the cold. >> two of our fans compete in madelyn's game day food challenge. >> then delicious cocktails to wash it all down. but first these messages.
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2:49 am
oh, yeah. time to play madelyn's mad food challenge. as the denver broncos get set to take on the seattle seahawks, hoda and i are ready to battle
2:50 am
it out over the big game goodies. >> madelyn fernstrom is with us with two football fanatics from the plaza. on my team is adam conder from bellevue, washington. he just got married and will shave his beard when the seahawks win. >> on my team, renee bridged from durango, colorado. madelyn, what are we doing? >> the rules for this game, game day food, i'll read a question and provide three answers. you guys buzz in and pick which one you think is right. and if you get it wrong, the other team can buzz in to get their points. >> we're ready. >> can we -- do not buzz until you read all three -- >> no. >> okay, whenever. >> you know the rules. play fair. all right, so first, one of these dips has the lowest calories for the same serving size. hummus, light ranch dip or guacamole. which has the lowest? >> adam says hummus. >> and adam would be right. yes. all right. next, beef dishes. which of these beef dishes has the fewest calories per serving?
2:51 am
lasagna, 4 by 4 beef khyli, or nachos? >> beef chili. >> you would be right. 350 calories. others have twice as many. >> we're ready. >> you're ready. okay. how far would you need to walk to burn off two bottles of beer? here's a hint. one mile is about 100 calories. is it 300, 400 or 500? >> how many calories in a bottle of beer? >> i don't know. >> we'll go b. >> you would be wrong. >> a. >> a. >> a? that would be right. three miles. good for you. next, if you happen to be in a restaurant, look at these three appetizers. which has the fewest calories and fat per serving? the loaded baked potato skins, bloomin' onion or fried mozzarella sticks? >> bloomin' onion. >> no. you would be wrong. >> c, mozzarella sticks. >> you would be right. that's correct. not on the calorie bargain -- >> i don't believe that.
2:52 am
but that's just personal. okay. >> okay. now, let's get to some pizza. if you're going to swap the pepperoni and put on mushrooms on a slice of pizza, how many calories would you save? 30, 60 or 90? >> c, 90. >> you would be wrong. >> b, 60. >> no. only 30. 30 for double dipping. i don't know. it's 30. because they're really skinny slices and hardly any of them. so if you enjoy it, have a little bit. okay, next. which of these little snacks has the lowest number of calories per handful, potato chips, tortilla chips or almonds? >> you know it. >> just a handful. >> c, almonds. >> you are right. >> we knew that. we knew that. >> now we have our bonus question. >> double or nothing. >> how many doughnut holes equal the fat in four fried whole chicken wings? how many doughnut holes?
2:53 am
5, 10 or 15. >> 15. >> no. you would be wrong. >> 10? >> b. >> b would be right. >> they're disgusting and full of fat. >> but they both are. so it's 32 grams of fat in those chicken wings. >> what does adam win? >> an nbc t-shirt? wow. >> oh. >> i'm going to give her kathie lee's cd, she's much better off. >> i would love that. >> thank you, sweetie. we're shaking things up more with the seahawks shuffle. and a mile-high mojito. >> super cocktails for your big bash. are you going to shave this? >> i am. go hawks! >> but first this is "today" on nbc.
2:54 am
2:55 am
2:56 am
we're back on this thirsty thursday. if you're inviting friends over to watch the big game on sunday, beer and wine don't have to be the only beverages on your menu. >> that's right. mix things up a little bit with delicious ideas, even the most devoted beer fanatic will love. the cocktail guru jonathan pogash is here, just the guy to do it for us. >> hello, jonathan.
2:57 am
>> how are you? >> good. you're making special drinks. >> just for you all. >> something call the seahawk shuffle. >> that's right. that's what's right in front of you there. this is an espresso-based drink. double espresso vodka, freshly made espresso, and coconut milk. hoda, you can sip on that one. >> can you have that? that's delicious. >> oh, my god. >> get the aromatics in the nose. >> why for seattle? just because -- >> coffee. seattle coffee, right? >> right, kelly? >> yeah. >> come on over. >> mile-high mojito. >> mile-high mojito, for denver, right? this is different than a regular mojito. i have some white rum. okay? so i'm adding the white rum to my mixing glass here. i'm going to give it a little muddle. >> muddle. >> muddle, muddle, muddle. >> way too kind. >> it always seems like such a waste of time. >> muddle. i have some simple syrup here. okay. >> doesn't look simple to me. >> it looks like honey. >> it does look like honey. this is sugar in the raw.
2:58 am
this is clementine juice. this is what make the drink a little different than your average mojito. >> i love mojitos, by the way. >> yes, you do. be careful. >> just a splash of freshly squeezed lime juice. i'm going to give it a little shimmy shake. >> okay. >> look how he does it. he puts the -- >> a little bit of elbow juice. my biceps are insane. >> he did the muddle with a lot of passion. >> i'm going to just pour that right into my glass here. >> i like you get a lot of garnishes you like to stick in there. >> i do. this is prosecco, this is martini prosecco. >> nice. >> i know you all love your wine. >> mm-hmm. >> and we're going to top that off and put a bunch of herbs in here. rosemary, sage, mint. >> don't put rosemary in kath's. >> no. >> no rosemary. >> but all the rest. >> i'll give that one to you. and you can have that one and i'll have this one. >> kelly, you can drink this. >> it's a bronco drink. >> just take one sip. >> how is that? >> very nice. >> okay. >> you can like it. it's okay.
2:59 am
why are you and i wearing the same dress pretty much? >> this is a beer-based cocktail, which is hot nowadays. this one is called maybe next year. and it's my ode to the patriots. maybe next year something will happen. >> and the giants. >> and the giants. >> everybody. everybody that did not win. this has some pom pomegranate juice in here. i'll just pour a little bit. this is super easy to do at home. which we love, right? some freshly squeezed lemonade. >> when you say lemonade you mean you sweetened it. >> i've sweetened it. freshly squeezed lemon juice. and i did a little agave network. this is our sam adams cold snap. and the garnish, tears and hope. >> tears and hope. >> oh. >> all righty. >> have a great game. god bless. >> cheers. >> thank you so much. >> may everybody come out of it safe and sound, actually, you know? >> all right, everybody. coming up tomorrow, "modern family's" sarah highland is with us. >> and our moms are going to cook for us. >> they're in the makeup room,
3:00 am
prepping as we speak, a day early. >> and we're going to take a look at sunday's best i'm here to help. ou and i will get through this together. ♪


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